Hakan Bıçakcı was born in Istanbul in 1978. After completing his primary and secondary education in Istanbul, he went to university in Ankara in 1996. In 2001 he graduated in economics from Bilkent University and returned to Istanbul.

His first novel, “Romantic Fear” published in 2002 (Oğlak Publishing House).

His articles on literature, cinema and popular culture have been published in various magazines and newspapers. He has written short stories for various literature magazines and collective books.  

His novel “The Apartment Shaft” translated into Albanian (2009), Arabic (2010), Bulgarian (2011), English (2012), Romanian (2013), Chinese (2015).

His novel “Dark Room” translated into Italian (2015). His novel “Spare Time” translated into Bulgarian.


  • Dream Diary (novel, 2002)
  • Spare Time (novel, 2003)
  • The Apartment Shaft (novel, 2008)
  • Dark Room (novel, 2010)
  • Me Against All of You (story, 2011)
  • Natural History (of a Woman) (novel, 2014)
  • There are Huge Gaps in the Story (story, 2015)
  • Hotel Paranoia (illustrated short story, 2017)
  • Sleepy (novel, 2017)
  • Two Dream Nine Reality (illustrated short story, 2019)
  • And Breathe Normally (short story, 2019)
  • Deleted Scenes (novel, 2022)